Motion Graphics for Barry's Bootcamp
Client: Barry's Bootcamp + The Workshop Collective
Objective: Create compelling motion graphics and video editing for two key videos: Barry's 25th Anniversary and a Welcome Video for new instructors.
For Barry's Bootcamp's milestone 25th anniversary, we partnered with the Workshop Collective to help with crafting a visually stunning video that encapsulated the brand's legacy and future. Utilizing existing footage and logos provided by Barry's, we seamlessly integrated these elements with their current branding. The motion graphics brought the rich history and vibrant energy of Barry's Bootcamp to life, creating a celebratory and engaging visual narrative.
The second video was designed to warmly welcome new instructors to the Barry's family. We ensured the motion graphics were aligned with Barry's dynamic and high-energy brand identity. The video was crafted to inspire and motivate new team members, making them feel an immediate sense of belonging and excitement about joining Barry's Bootcamp.
This project not only showcased our ability to work with pre-existing materials but also our dedication to maintaining and enhancing brand consistency. By delivering high-quality, on-brand motion graphics, we helped Barry's Bootcamp celebrate a significant milestone and welcome new instructors with a powerful visual message.

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