Project Overview: 
Brugal 1888 Rum approached us with the unique opportunity to capture their event held during the Miami Concours 2023 Car Show, an exhibition known for displaying high-end luxury vehicles and the fervor of automotive enthusiasts. The objective was to highlight the brand's presence and showcase the fusion of Brugal 1888's rich Dominican heritage with the vibrant energy of Miami.
Production Process: 
To bring the dynamic essence of the event to life, I utilized my expertise in videography and editing. Equipped with the Canon C70 Cinema Camera, I delved into the crowd to shoot the video. This state-of-the-art device, renowned for its wide dynamic range and robust color grading options, allowed me to encapsulate the high-spirited nature of the event in a uniquely creative manner.
The video was shot entirely in 4K high-resolution, an essential step towards realizing the full potential of the Canon C70's capturing abilities. This attention to detail enabled me to produce breathtaking visuals that emphasized the custom rum bottles and art installations, ensuring that every delicate detail was captured and presented with the utmost clarity.
Post-Production Process: 
Post-production took place in Adobe Premiere Pro, a comprehensive video editing software that provided the flexibility to cut, arrange, and refine the footage for a final cohesive storytelling video.
The real magic happened during the editing process, where raw footage was transformed into a cinematic story. Working frame by frame to bring out the spirit of the Miami Concours 2023 car show and the event that Brugal 1888 hosted during this event.
The finished project, a visually compelling narrative of the Brugal 1888 Rum event at the Miami Concours 2023, successfully showcased the brand in a vibrant and engaging manner. The quality of the 4K high-resolution footage, coupled with the meticulous editing, accentuated the custom rum bottles and art installations, allowing the audience to experience the event in all its glory.
Here's to more projects that challenge skills in cinematography and post-production, cheers to blending storytelling with the power of visual aesthetics.

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