Betterfly: A New Era of Benefits #RecursosMasHumanos
Digital Out of Home Campaign
Project Overview 
Betterfly approached us with a unique challenge: to create a visually striking out-of-home campaign that circumvented the logistical and budgetary constraints of traditional methods. By harnessing the power of VFX, we crafted a series of digital banners that draped over iconic monuments worldwide, sending a clear and compelling message to HR administrators globally. This project aimed to signal a new era of benefits brought to you by Betterfly, leveraging innovative digital techniques to achieve high impact.
Main Campaign Video
Main Campaign Video Embedded below is the main campaign video, which encapsulates the essence of Betterfly's message. The video showcases the transformation of famous monuments, seamlessly integrating Betterfly’s banners into real-world settings through advanced VFX. This visually engaging presentation aims to captivate HR professionals, highlighting Betterfly's innovative approach to employee benefits.
VFX Breakdown 
Our VFX process was pivotal in bringing Betterfly's vision to life. Below are detailed breakdowns of the techniques and stages involved in each monument’s transformation.
Social Media 
The campaign’s success is evident from the buzz it generated across social media platforms. Below are some highlights of the engagement and feedback from our audience.
Conclusion and Client Testimonial 
This project for Betterfly not only showcased our expertise in VFX but also underscored the power of digital solutions in overcoming traditional marketing barriers. The success of this campaign reflects our commitment to innovation and quality.

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