About The Project
"El Secreto: Savoring the Unseen" is an exclusive episode brought to you in collaboration with "The Hospitality Mentor" brand. This unique project celebrates the art of video storytelling in the world of gourmet cuisine, focusing on the opulent omakase experience at the Faena Miami Beach Hotel. We took on the challenge of capturing this intimate journey of a chef and his guest, weaving a sensory narrative that unfurls on screen, making viewers a part of the gastronomic exploration.
Cinematic Food Shots with Canon Cinema Cameras
We sought to depict the vibrancy and artistry of the omakase experience by using Canon's C70 cinema camera. Known for its high dynamic range and powerful image processing, it provided us with an exceptional palette to highlight the minute details and exquisite craftsmanship of each dish. We aimed for a documentary look, balancing between the veracity of the moment and the sophistication of cinematic aesthetics. This offered a unique perspective, capturing the richness and texture of the food in all its glory.
Post-production Using Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects
The raw footage we filmed was meticulously edited using Adobe Premiere Pro, an industry-leading video editing software. This allowed us to create smooth transitions, incorporate captivating visual effects, and establish a consistent narrative flow. Additionally, we utilized Adobe After Effects for advanced motion graphics and special effects, ensuring that the visual journey was as engaging as the culinary one.
Documentary Style Filming with Canon Cinema Cameras
Our goal was to create an intimate, behind-the-scenes peek into the chef's kitchen, making it feel as authentic as possible. The Canon C70, with its advanced Dual Gain Output sensor, provided us the ability to capture a wide range of tonality, effectively giving the footage a profound sense of realism. This handheld camera also allowed us to maintain the flexibility and mobility needed to document the dynamic kitchen environment while maintaining cinematic depth and visual integrity.
4K Video Quality
The project was shot entirely in 4K resolution, providing a high level of detail that helps viewers appreciate the nuances of the omakase experience. This superlative video quality, coupled with the vibrant colors and crisp textures rendered by our Canon C70, creates a truly immersive viewing experience.
Faena Miami Beach Hotel
The Faena Miami Beach Hotel is a symbol of luxury and elegance, and it served as an opulent backdrop for our omakase story. The hotel is renowned for its exquisite taste and unrivaled hospitality, which resonates in its unique culinary experiences. Shooting at this location allowed us to incorporate Faena's unique aesthetics and class into our episode, seamlessly blending the extraordinary ambiance with the exquisite dishes featured in the omakase experience.

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